Subject Choice & Career Assessments

Subject Choice & Career Assessments

The importance of subject choice and career guidance assessments

Career and subject choices are a challenging requirement for most individuals in today’s demanding and fast evolving society. It is becoming a critical aspect of a student’s life to determine the correct career path, and assistance in the form of counselling plays a big role in this regard. From Grade 10, children are required to select subjects to carry forward to matric and a subject choice assessment, based on the student’s abilities, plays an important role to determining a suitable career.Choosing the wrong career can be costly.

My approach to career assessments and subject choice:

I act as a facilitator assisting the student in the interpretation of his/her interests, aligned to personal potential, personality, aptitude and career values and I define a career plan accordingly.

Psychometric tests are conducted to assess interests, aptitude, personality and values.

Testing includes:

  • An aptitude test
  • Completion of a personality trait questionnaire that provides a unique and detailed profile of the child’s personality
  • A career interest profile aiding the student in the selection of a career from a broad list of fields
  • Application of values scale that measures vocational values such as achievement, authority, creativity, economic reward, level of risk, etc.

Aptitude tests can be done in groups at schools. Individual feedback will be given to parents, learners, and with the permission of the parents, to the teachers regarding aptitude for subjects / careers, estimation of IQ and possible under-achievement.

It is important to understand that an individual career assessment is not an easy process and requires specialised counselling and intensive exploration in close collaboration with the learner and parents.

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Please Note

My area of services are in the Southern Suburbs and the greater Cape Town Metropole, including Somerset West and Helderberg area, South Africa.

My fees are based on medical aid rates but fees are negotiable and tailor made for every client in advance of rendering the required service.

Clients are permitted to terminate therapy at any stage. The same applies should a client wish to decline participation in, or withdraw from, any recommended intervention, assessment or event he or she is not entirely comfortable with.