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Hypnotherapy is a fast, natural and relaxing way to access our inner selves and to discover solutions to heal or improve our thoughts and behaviour patterns and how they may manifest – Lauren Carlyle

I was recently honoured to attend an intermediate refresher course in hypnosis, specifically the Medical Hypnoanalysis modality, presented by SASCH (South African Society of Clinical Hypnosis a division of PsySSA (Psychological Society of South Africa) in Pretoria.

Again, I was astonished by the unlocking healing powers of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is an alternative state of consciousness and it is characterized by a person’s increased willingness to respond to suggestions for changes in his/her perceptions, sensations, emotions, thoughts or behaviours.

Therefore, tap into your own healing power, resolve that which holds you back and find happiness within yourself!

Hypnotherapy is done under the guidance of a trained Hypnotherapist, who uses hypnosis for healing purposes. When hypnosis is used as a form of entertainment for an audience it is known as “stage hypnosis” and this does not have the same outcome.

According to Dr Kriegler, Medical Hypnoanalysis combines psychotherapy and hypnosis. She views MHA as a short term therapy which emphasizes that the subconscious holds the origin of the psychopathology.

In 2000, I personally experienced MHA, and as a result, many faulty perceptions that I had adopted in my childhood, were rectified and put into the correct perspective. A different story rose within me, one based on the opportunities and possibilities that I embody and have always embodied, but which were supressed by my conscious mind.
Through hypnosis, using word association, age regression, dream analysis and other resources it will be possible for me to find the root of what may be troubling you and help with the healing process that can change your life.

Feel free to contact me for more information.
oremla2@gmail.com or si.prinsloo1@gmail.com
S I Prinsloo (Sollie)

Please Note

My area of services are in the Southern Suburbs and the greater Cape Town Metropole, South Africa.

As I am a “Travelling Psychologist”, I am willing to travel to my client's home, work place, school or university for appointments (convenient, time and money saving for the client).

My fees are based on medical aid rates but fees are negotiable and tailor made for every client in advance of rendering the required service.

My times are adjusted to the client’s availability. Normal hourly fees are charged. After hour fees are not applicable.

Clients are permitted to terminate therapy at any stage. The same applies should a client wish to decline participation in, or withdraw from, any recommended intervention, assessment or event he or she is not entirely comfortable with.